Clear Kayak in Cabo de Gata Terms and Conditions

Clear Kayak offers kayak tours in Cabo de Gata National Park. The activities are conditioned by the environment and the participants, and this could change before, during the activity (weather and sea changes, participant’s physical state, etc.)








The contract and the responsibility of Clear Kayak affect exclusively the direct work of the company technicians and the activity organization.

The client should understand that they are contracting a risky activity, assuming any incident that could occur during the activity.

All participants must inform if they suffer any cardio-vascular illness, is pregnant, or suffers any lesion that could impact her/his health during the activity, and under any risk possibility, she/he has consulted with her/his doctor.

In case the client has a prosthesis, wear glasses or contact lenses, the client assumes any damage they could have during the activity.

The client would not be under the effect of alcohol, drugs or narcotic drugs, nor medication that could impact her/his stability, reflections, or that in any manner could impact her/his capacities.

Any person under age (18 years old) should have authorization or do the activity with a parent or guardian

In any case, the company could decide to have a pre-test and reserve the admission rights.

It is compulsory to be able to swim and the use of a life jacket during the kayak use.

The kayak use, under any circumstance is a physical activity. The kayaks are two seats maximum.

Failure to comply with any of the points mentioned above the company does not have any penal, administrative or civil responsibility.

Those that rent equipment should be over 18 years old or have permission from a parent/guardian that is responsible for the rented equipment. They should have an identity document. The holder of the contract is responsible for the rented equipment.

The rent of the equipment would be done with or without a tour guide and would respect all the instructions provided  by the guide. The rental duration would be the one under the contract including the rowing course and taking the kayak to the sea.

The client would return the kayak and all the rented material in good function and conservation conditions. The client would be responsible of any damages produce during the rent, due to misuse, inadequate use, including robbery or theft.

The client is under obligation to pay the lessor the amount of all the fines, judge expenses and extra judge that out come from t

he bad use, infractions and all the issues that are related to the rented equipment.

Before, during and after the kayak tours, the participants  undertake to respect and protect the natural environment of Cabo de Gata National Park

The payment in full would be done online by bank transfer or in the beach through credit card or cash for all the service contracted. Returning the equipment before the end of the contract would not mean the return of any of the payment.

The price includes IVA, the transport and civil responsibility expenses. The rent of the material and equipment services (without tour guide), does not cover the assistant insurance.

The  pre-booking fee is  a 100% of the  activity price.  If the client cancels less then 48 hours, the fee is non-refundable

In case the client does not attend to the hour and date agree with the company, the client will pay the full amount of the booking

Clear Kayak  reserve the right to cancel the activity, failure to comply with any of the points mentioned above, or other justify reason, as well as demand the client, if any place, the indenisations related to the prejudice that were attributable to the client.

The client, agree to protect the lesser interest, in case of accident, not requesting responsibility neither guiltiness and not abandoning the rental material, without taking the right actions to protect and safe the material.

The client exhume to Clear Kayak , of all responsibility on loose or damage produce to objects left, kept or transported in the kayak, in or about the object of the contract, before, during or after the duration of the contract.

Clear Kayak reserves  the right to take photographs, film or record any activity or part of it and to use the results for promotional purposes. When registering the activity participants  allow that their imagines are published. The participants that desire that their images or voices are not used for this purpose should notify it before the activity.

The personal information provided by the client would be used only for this document purpose.

From the booking confirmation, the client agrees on full the present General Conditions. In case that a person books another one, assume in her/his name all and each of the General Conditions.

The client declares to have read and accepted the above conditions




  • All clients must monitor their personal health.
  • In case of presenting symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, or if they came into direct contact with a confirmed case of Covid 19, and should refrain from the activity.
  • Avoid physical contact, including shaking hands, both to other clients and monitors. Safety distance should be respected whenever possible (2 meters).
  • Disinfect hands by means of an alcoholic disinfectant solution.


  • When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with a tissue and dispose of it in a trash can provided. If tissues are not available, use the inside of the elbow to avoid contaminating the hands.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  • After coughing or sneezing, and before touching your mouth, nose, or eyes, washes your hands carefully with alcohol disinfectant solutions for at least 20 seconds.
  • All the equipment required for the activity will have been disinfected. Do not share it with other clients and / or monitors.
  • The clothing used to carry out the activity (t-shirts, swimsuit, towel, etc.) should be washed after the end of the activity at a temperature of at least 60 ° C for at least 30 minutes, or with any other method that ensure proper sanitation.



  • When is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least two meters  Clear Kayak´s clients must wear protective masks, which they must:
    • Disinfect hands before putting it on.
    • Avoid touching it while wearing it.
    • Discard the mask when wet and do not reuse unless the manufacturer indicates otherwise.
    • To remove the mask, it is done from the back, without touching the front, discard it in a closed container and wash hands.
  • In order to protect the environment, as well as not to give the impression of false protection, Clear Kayak recommends continuous hand hygiene instead of use of disposable gloves. It will make these gloves available to customers if requested.SAFETY MEASURES DURING  THE ACTIVITY,


    • Clients will be informed of the new measures adopted. A more detailed description of the safety measures can be consulted on our website.
    • The client will be suggested to fill in the consent form electronically through our website. If not, the establishment will have individual informative consent forms.
    • It will be recommended that the day of the activity they bring the appropriate clothing and try not to bring many belongings. The belongings that need to be deposited with the company will be stored in a plastic bag. This bag will only be handled by one person.
    • Contactless payment is recommended whenever possible. It should be done by bank transfer on line or credit card or cash at the meeting point. Whenever cash payment is chosen, the client must try to bring the exact cash.
    • They will maintain at all times the safety distance between clients who do not belong to the same family unit.
    • The material will be delivered personally, avoiding the transfer between different people.
    • Avoid mixing people who do not belong to the same family unit in the same kayak.


    • The monitors will explain the rules for the use of the material, as well as the measures adopted by the company to avoid possible contagions during the journey.
    • Crowds in the beach access area must be avoided, as well as, narrow passages.
    • Clients will be reminded of the importance of maintaining a safe distance.


    • Crowds in the beach access area must be avoided, as well as, narrow passages.
    • They will be reminded of the importance of maintaining a safe distance.
    • The monitors will instruct where to deposit the used equipment, in an orderly manner, maintaining the safety distance

    Collect the belongings and leave the area in an orderly manner, maintaining the safety distance.